The Ultimate sketchnoting program – 10 steps to master smart drawing skills

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Program includes:

  • 10 basic modules on the learning platform
  • 30 additional materials
  • 10 weekly 1 hour group calls with Agata
  • bank od 500 icons
  • pdf work book with sketchnoting exercises
  • facebook group (10 ten weeks with Agatas presence)
  • detailed analysis of 5 sketchnotes of participant
  • certificate



2. Tools & Gadgets

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Task 2 I know, that some of you might be confused where to post the picture of your Task 2. You can publish it below or, if you already did-below the video. But lets agree to post it below the designated graphic next time. @wszyscy YOUR TASK is to create a list (shopping or wish […]

3. Templates

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Video How to use templates? Video Golden 5 BONUS examples Task 3 Zoom call

4. Lettering

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How to play with Letters Workbook PL Wzornik Sketchlettering Workbook EN Sketchlettering Workbook ENG Task 4 Create a sketchnote with at least 3 fonts (ways of drawing letters) and post it below. It does not have to be perfect. It needs to be done   

Challenge #10iconsin10days

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Grab a pen and copy my icons People Work / Business Problems Body Movement Growth and self development Relations

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