Individual consultations – visual thinking

$345,00 z VAT

Learn how you can effectively implement visual thinking into your life!

Have a question about visual thinking and can’t find the answer anywhere? Your situation is unique – because you have just figured out how to stand out in your industry – now you just need clear guidelines – what next?
Or maybe you have an idea to consult?

During an individual on-line meeting, I am all ears, and then I will immediately answer questions and puzzles. Often, such consultations are largely drawn – thanks to 2 cameras, I can immediately show you (literally) how to solve a given problem or how to explain something difficult in a simple way.

Consultations are most often used by:

  • People who already know something about visual thinking and want to take even better notes;
  • People who want to start monetizing their notes;
  • Parents looking for a development path for their drawing children;
  • Experts in their industries (e.g. lawyers, HR partners, trainers) who want to effectively use drawing in business to support and facilitate their professional activities;
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a way to communicate more clearly.

Consultations are not:

This is a time of intense work, so both before and after consultations, you will have a few tasks ahead of you.

At the beginning, we will collect information about what you want to achieve thanks to meeting Agata and what you are struggling with. During the meeting, we navigate in the area specified by you. After the meeting, you receive a summary of the conversation, a video recording, tips and recommendations resulting from your situation.

The duration of such consultations is determined individually, usually 60-90 minutes depending on the issue.

After consultations, I am sending:
·      an individual report, also in the form of a visual note
·      recommendations and
·      video recording of the meeting.

I issue a VAT invoice.

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